Kayse Lee Maass




National Science Foundation (PI) $574,126

“ISN2: Coordinated Interdiction for Disruption of Labor Trafficking in the Agricultural Sector” (2020 - 2022)

National Science Foundation (co-PI)  $535,565

 “ISN2: Disrupting Human Trafficking via Needs Matching and Capacity Expansion” (2020 - 2022) 


National Institute of Justice, Travel Grant (PI)

“Human Trafficking Disruption: From Data Insights to Decision Making”

International Association of Crime Analysts Training Conference, Oxon Hill, MD (2019)

Unchartered Software, Data-Access Grant (PI) 

“Modeling Online Sex Trafficking Networks for Effective Interdiction: Operations and Organizational Features” (2019)

National Science Foundation, EAGER (co-PI) $166,098

“ISN: A Data Analytic Approach to Understanding Human Trafficking Networks” (2018 - 2020)


National Science Foundation, EAGER (co-PI) $320,969  

“ISN: Modeling Operations of Human Trafficking Networks for Effective Interdiction” (2018 - 2020)


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship $126,000 

"Improving operations research by developing techniques for incorporating large dat​a sets" (2013 - 2017)


Internal ---------------

Project-Based Exploration for the Advancement of Knowledge – Base Camp (Adviser) $1,000 (cumulative) - NU

  • “Incorporating Societal Factors into Industrial Engineering Models” with undergraduate student Olivia Jonna (2020)

  • “Human Trafficking Data Availability” with undergraduate student Leticia Reyes Gonzalez (2019)

Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program (co-Lead) $1,500 - NU

“Mutual Mentorship for Faculty in Analytics for Eliminating Mental Health Crisis and Improving Critical Healthcare System” (2018)

Graduate Student Community Grant (Recipient) $1,000 - Univ. of Michigan 

“Business in a Global World Workshop: Developing Cultural Awareness,” (2014)

Rackham Travel Grant (Recipient) $4,600 (cumulative) - Univ. of Michigan 

  • “Comparison of various chance constraints on the Inventory Modulated Capacitated Location Problem," INFORMS Annual Meeting (2016)

  • "Incorporating Chance Constraints into the Inventory Modulated Capacitated Facility Location Model with Stochastic Demand," LAND-TRANSLOG III Workshop  (2016)

  • "Temporal allocation policies for an inventory modulated capacitated facility location problem," INFORMS Annual Meeting (2014)

  • "A new approach for integrating inventory into capacitated facility location modeling," INFORMS Annual Meeting (2013)

  • "New Approach to Capacity Modeling in Location Models," ISERC Conference (2013)


Minnesota Dept. of Human Services, (Contributor)  $5,000,000

 Regional Behavioral Health Crisis Program; Facilities Grants: (SF2161/HF2274)

 Awarded to: Olmsted County in partnership with Mayo Clinic (K.L. Maass Operations Research Lead), Olmsted Medical Center and NAMI Southeast Minnesota (2019)


*Indicates Student Advised

  • Northeastern University’s Nominee for Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Math (2019)

  • Global Conference on Human Trafficking and Trauma, Best Research Abstract (2019)

  • Recognized as a ‘Rising Star’ among INFORMS’ Powerful, Pragmatic Pioneers (2019)

  • INFORMS Minority Issues Forum Student Poster Competition, Honorable Mention (2018) Presented by Liz Halter*

  • INFORMS New Faculty Colloquium Participant, Departmental Nomination (2018)


  • INFORMS Section on Location Analysis Dissertation Award - Runner Up (2018)

  • Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement (2015)

          IOE Outstanding Graduate Student Award

  • Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research (2015)

  • INFORMS Judith Liebman Award (2015)

  • Joel and Lorraine Brown Graduate Student Instructor of the Year (2015)

  • World Medical Relief Student Partnership Award (2015)

          Graduate advisor for an undergraduate M-Heal research team

  • INFORMS Doctoral Colloquium Participant (2014)

  • Rackham Merit Fellowship (2012)


  • Bethel University Honors Program (2008-2012)

  • Bethel University Dean's List (2008-2012)

  • Pamela Olson Math & Physics Scholarship (2010-2011)

  • D & D Anderson Math & Physics Scholarship (2009, 2011)

  • Alliss Foundation Scholarship (2008-2011)

  • Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship (2008-2011)

  • Bethel University President's Scholarship (2008-2009)

  • Kiwanis Educational Foundation Scholarship (2008)

  • Pepsi Scholarship (2008)

  • Thief River Falls Coaches Association Scholarship (2008)

  • Four Town/Grygla Sportsmen Club Scholarship (2008)

  • Red Lake County 4-H Leadership Scholarship (2008)