Operations Research & Social Justice Lab

Meet the Team


2018_Maass_Kayse_Northeastern Univ150_E.

Kayse Lee Maass (she/her)

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Principle Investigator & Director of the Operations Research & Social Justice  Lab

Cristian Eduardo Nava Lopez.jpg

Cristian Eduardo Nava Lopez   (he/him)

LEAD Student

Mechanical Engineering Student
Survivor & Research Assistant 

Joined Team: Sept. 2021

Research Interests: Learn and apply engineering skills to continue advocating for anti-trafficking policies and legislations. Study the intersectionality of Social Justice and Engineering. 

Email: ceduardo.sff@gmail.com

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristian-eduardo-2435351b6/

Jackie Mills is smiling in a photo in front of a piano. She is a Hispanic woman with long dark hair, eyebrows and eyes. Additionally she has on a black dress and shoes, and wears feather earrings. She has her forearms rested on the piano.

Jackie Mills (she/her) 

LEAD Student

Survivor Leader and Policy Advocate

Joined Team: Sept. 2021

Research Interests: Identifying unintended consequences of policy and research through lived-experience; how to assist survivors navigate their journey towards healing beyond direct services, such as legal hurdles, mental health well-being, etc.

Email: Jackienicolemills89@gmail.com 

Research Fellows


Arezoo Jafari .jpg

Arezoo Jafari (she/her)

PhD Candidate- Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Jan. 2019

Expected Graduation: 2023

Research Interests: Arezoo's research focuses on using operations research to address human trafficking. She is also interested in using supply chain design and network theory to interdict human trafficking networks. 

Email: Jafari.a@northeastern.edu

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/arezoo-jafari


Nathan Adeyemi (he/him)

PhD Student - Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Sept. 2019

Expected Graduation: 2024

Research Interests: Nathan's research is in operations research and its use addressing problems in the healthcare industry. Additionally, he is interested in simulation and stochastic modeling.

Email: adeyemi.n@husky.neu.edu

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-adeyemi/


Priscila de A. Drummond (she/her)

PhD Student - Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Sept. 2021

Expected Graduation: 2026

Research Interests: Priscila's current research focuses on identifying how the costs of Human Trafficking can affect decisions and policymaking at a national level. Previously she has worked analyzing the efficiency of anti-violence against women's services in Brazil. Operations Research model’s application in the public security field is her passion. Priscila is also a member of Tau Beta Pi, the oldest engineering honor society in United States.

Email: deazevedodrummond.p@northeastern.edu

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/priscila-de-azevedo-drummond-083a656

Photo_Yu Qiu.jpeg

Yu Qiu (she/her)

ORSJ Lab Marketing & Design Lead

MPS -  Analytics

Joined Team: Apr. 2022

Expected Graduation: June 2023

Research Interests: Learn and apply data analytics skills to improve marketing campaign performances and achieve organizational goals and objectives. Interested in learning how to use data analysis to solve social justice problems. 

Email: qiu.yu1@northeastern.edu

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuqiuscarlettvelvet/

Emily Schabel.jpg

Emily Schabel (she/her)

ORSJ Lab Project Manager
MS – Engineering Management
BS – Industrial Engineering ('22)

Joined Team: Dec. 2022

Expected Graduation: May 2023 (MS)

Research Interests: Emily works as the Lab’s Project Manager and oversees the progress of all research projects. She also manages lab logistics and ensures deadlines are met while also creating opportunities to expand lab outreach and connections both between lab researchers and the broader Northeastern community. 

Email: schabel.e@northeastern.edu

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/emily-schabel


Barış Tezcan(he/him)

PhD Candidate- Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Sept. 2019 (PhD Program)       Sept. 2018 (MS Program)

Expected Graduation: 2023

Research Interests: Barış’s current research focuses on network models and how they can be utilized for policy making against human trafficking.

Email: tezcan.b@northeastern.edu

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/baristezcan/ 


Yaren Bilge Kaya (she/her)

PhD Candidate- Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Jan. 2021

Expected Graduation: 2023

Research Interests: Yaren’s current research focuses on improving equitable access to housing and support services for runaway and homeless youth. She’s interested in applying operations research methodologies such as stochastic modeling, and linear programming to improve equitable access to public services and healthcare. Her aim with her research is to reduce the systemic barriers that prohibit vulnerable populations from having an improved quality of life.

Email: kaya.y@northeastern.edu

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yarenbilgekaya 


Victoria Okoria (she/her)

MS -  Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Apr. 2021

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Research Interests: Victoria is interested in applying operations research methodologies and machine learning techniques to social justice and equity issues within public policy, energy, and healthcare.

Email: okoria.v@northeastern.edu

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-okoria

MingLuo Picture.jpg

Ming Luo (she/her)

ORSJ Lab Marketing & Design Lead

MS – Industrial Engineering  with concentration in Data Analytics Engineering 

Joined Team: May 2022

Expected Graduation: May 2023

Research Interests: Ming focuses on using machine learning and data mining in aiding legislators and grant writers to better resolve social and financial challenges under various sectors. She has professional experiences and academic background in mathematics and actuarial science.  

Email: luo.ming1@northeastern.edu

Website: https://github.com/ml1378  


Undergraduate Students

Elaine Klatt.JPG

Elaine Klatt (she/her)

BS - Industrial Engineering

Minor - Spanish

Joined Team: Jun. 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Research Interests: Elaine’s research interests are focused around social justice and public health. She is interested in the applications of industrial engineering techniques to interpersonal systems and the ways in which engineering models can incorporate individual and social factors along with traditional cost-benefit analysis.  

Email: klatt.e@northeastern.edu 

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaineklatt/

headshot Renuka Kannan.jpg

Renuka Kannan (she/her)

BS - Industrial Engineering

MS - Engineering Management

Joined Team: Jan. 2021

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Research Interests: Renuka is interested in studying how Industrial Engineering and Operations Research can be applied to social contexts. She is particularly interested in the intersection between qualitative and quantitative data and how one can inform the other to develop networks and models.

Email:  Kannan.re@northeastern.edu

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/renuka-kannan

Sophia Mantell.HEIC

Sophia Mantell (she/her)

BS/MS - Industrial Engineering

Minor - Mathematics

Joined Team: May 2021

Expected Graduation: May 2022 (BS) May 2023 (MS)

Research Interests: Applications of Industrial Engineering in public programs, especially to improve access to resources for historically disadvantaged groups

Email: mantell.s@northeastern.edu 

Website:  www.linkedin.com/in/sophia-mantell

Maggie Clark.jpeg

Maggie Clark (she/her)

Explore Program

Joined Team: Jan. 2021

Expected Graduation: Spring 2024

Research Interests: Maggie is interested in interdisciplinary, community-based research related to food insecurity and human trafficking. She currently is the lead student researcher on the "Addressing Food Insecurity in Boston" project and is also involved in the H-2A and Labor Violation project.  

Email:  clark.marg@northeastern.edu

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/maggie-clark-360a00b5

Maryam Rahman.jpg

Maryam Rahman (she/her)

BS - Computer Engineering & Cognitive Psychology

Joined Team: Apr. 2021

Expected Graduation: Apr. 2024

Current Role: As ORSJ's project manager, Maryam oversees many different research projects, handles lab logistics, and ensures deadlines are met. She is working to expand the lab's outreach and connections across Northeastern.

Email: rahman.mar@northeastern.edu


PAST Students

Sundos Al-Husayni.jpg

Sundos Al-Husayni (she/her)

BS - Health Science

Minor - Biology

Joined Team: Sept. 2020 - Apr. 2021

Graduated: May 2021

Post-Grad Position: Research Assistant,  Boston Children's Hospital; Manton Center for Orphan Disease Research

Jocelyn Zhu.jpg

Jocelyn Zhu (she/they)

BS - Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Sept. - Dec. 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Paloma Calderon Villa.jpeg

Paloma Calderon Villa


BS - Industrial Engineering

Joined Team: Jun. - Aug. 2020 

Graduation: Aug. 2020

Post-Grad Position: Transformation Associate, Nepanoa

Jahaan Saini.jpg

Jahaan Saini (she/her)

BS - Industrial Engineering

Minor - Entrepreneurship 

Joined Team: Jun. 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2021

Olivia Johnian.jpg

Olivia Johnian (she/her)

BS - Industrial Engineering

Minor - Sustainable Business Practices

Joined Team: Jan. - June 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2022


Leticia I. Reyes Gonzalez

BS/MS - Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management

Joined Team: Sept. - Apr. 2019

Graduated: May 2020

Post-Grad Position: Senior Analyst Business Operations, Dell Technologies

Maxim Petrovsky.JPG

Maxim Petrovsky (he/him)

BS - Behavioral Neuroscience

Joined Team: Jan. - Mar. 2020

Graduation: May 2020

Post-Grad Position: Fulbright Fellowship

Max Peterson.JPG

Max Peterson (he/him)

BS - Computer Science

Minor- Data Science

Joined Team: Sept. - Dec. 2019

Expected Graduation: May 2023

joseph pak.jpg

Joseph Pak (he/him)

BS - Computer Engineering

Joined Team: Sept. 2020 -  Apr. 2021

Expected Graduation: May 2024

Alex Bender.jpg

Alex Bender (he/him)

BS/MS - Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management

Minor - Psychology

Joined Team: Apr. 2019 - Aug. 2020

Graduated:  May 2020

Post-Grad Position: Analyst, Boom Supersonic

Juan Jose Solano Quesada.png

Juan José Solano-Quesada


BS - Industrial Engineering

Minors - Consulting & Computational Data Analytics

Joined Team: May 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Kelly Szaniawski.jpg

Kelly Szaniawski (she/her)

BS - Health Science

Minor - Business Analytics

Joined Team: Jan. - Apr. 2020

Graduated: May 2020

Post-Grad Position: Technology Associate Analyst, Johnson & Johnson

Rose Ajegwu.jpg

nwaobiala (they/them)

BS - Industrial Eng.

Minor - Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Joined Team: Jan. 2019 - Apr. 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2021

Jahan Silverman.jpg

Jahan Silverman (he/him)

BS - Economics and Mathematics

Minor - Computer Science

Joined Team: Jan. - Apr. 2020

Expected Graduation: May 2021

Olanrewaju Abdul-Hakeem Oloritun.jpg

Olanrewaju Abdul-Hakeem Oloritun (he/him)

BS - Industrial Eng.

Minor - Consulting

Joined Team: Sept. - Dec. 2019

Expected Graduation: 2023

Laura ODonnell SOG_5163_18 (1).jpg

Laura O'Donnell (she/her)

BS - Industrial Eng.

Minor - Business Admin.

Joined Team: Jan. - Apr. 2019

Post-Grad Position: Management Consultant, Point B